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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I sit here as a man that loves the Lord. In my heart stirs a passion for Christ that cannot be doused. He is my strength and source. My reason for living. He has snatched me from the fires of death and depression and my life is now His. He took me from lust, perversion, and suicide just by his love. Now, my purpose in life, is to serve him. So I sit here, and within me stirs the Lord Jesus Christ. He is compacted with mysteries that await to be revealed in this present time. He has blessed me with an eye to see Him, for who He is. I can see Jesus, I am His apostle.

Here I will relay the mysteries He whispers to my soul. For this cause came I into the world. I must reveal the mystery of Christ. But along this ride, there is a mystery that has yet to be revealed. The name of that mystery is Kareem. No worries, he will be revealed, by His whispers.

And the Lord silently whispered unto me:


Written on: November 2015

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