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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I saw... light

not only did I see light but i saw the light Yes the light was in sight, but it was night. Oh if I might just fight for that light But it was night - no I was night Night at conception Made fertile with the sperm of deception Nourished on the bowels of death Washed in amniotic contention Umbillically corded to Mother Nature by nature destined darkness But I saw the light I saw the light and I thought to myself "This [plac-ent-(a]-live)" But rather death was my city and my hometown was sin But that light, that 'light's whats in' its where i wanted to be but I just couldnt see how it could be Then it came to me SIN MUST DIE! ... ... No other choice but..... suicide. It wasn't hard to decide I was just tired of the lies that i would be something right So i had to die I took the knife and took my life I cut my wrist... I cut my wrist when I heard He loves me I hung from a rope cause He was crucified I pulled the trigger cause He has hell's keys I took the pills cause He's alive I committed suicide when i believed and died when I said come in Into death I was conceived Just to be born again. You guessed right Mother Nature's water had broken now living 1 Cor 15:47. No longer to be earth bound to her ways of sin but seated with Christ in heaven. Now im InDaLight that never fades away The cord is broken Her contractions are no more and i am here to stay :) Yay Then I hear a still small voice say..... "Not only are you InDaLight not only have you fulfilled 1 Peter 2:9 but you now AreDaLight that's destined to shine. This day have i beggotten thee you are now a sun.... of God beggotten into the blood line of radiance called as a glow to everyone abroad." That is it! I heard Him say it I am the light of the world I'm a city on a Hill I am a candle in a dark world I live the only LIFE of men. Not only am I the light But I am light as feathers No longer to benchpress depression No longer under the weights of sin Now floating on the airs of freedom Expressing spark waves from deep within I saw... light not only did I see light but i saw the light and that light was Jesus Christ. Our Father has made us one mi nah tun from dis yah life We are the life We are the lights. We are.... LIGHT

Written on: November 2015

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