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Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Mirror mirror on the wall

What do you see?

You this object that I so confide in

Tell me! What do you.... See?

Do you see pain, hurt, and tears? Do you see depression, anger and fear. What defines the scope of your eyes to correctly maximize and efficiently visualize he that is standing in front of you. Do you see what I feel Does this fabulous artistry transcend to the heart of me? Or do you only show what others see of me? If you see Are you the one then!?! To say you care Are you the one whose there. Were you created to make me better Or to continue proving that I'm nothing. Because what I see, is defeat I see worthlessness And lack of self-worth Void of a reson to be on this earth But an intellectual giant because somehow I have managed to hold my sanity Mirror Mirror, what do you see? In He that stands in front of thee? "I see, a creature that has been moved from glory to glory No longer bound to thoughts nor emotions that lie but bound to the truth that resides in his heart. You! Look at me! And see! See the reality The glory of the unseen Resides in everything u call 'me' What I see is the living God shining brightly And He has given you life, and joy, and peace in hard times; knowledge of his comfort when there are no signs. I see a thing that I am not worthy to speak of." You see? This in me????? But, with an open face I behold as in a glass the glory of the Lord, I am changed into his image. Into the glory that He is. Yes, finally Mine eyes are free In thee I see...... nothing because the light THAT I AM has blinded me

Written on: November 2015

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