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Apostle   |   Author   |   TV Show Host   |   Dancer   |   Producer   |   Pioneer


Kareem Flowers was called to ministry at a young age and ordained as a pastor with Bible Teachers International Ministries in 2013 at the age of 20. When he received the call, he was the national table tennis champion and in his final year in law school. Such was the conviction and urgency of the call to the Lord's service that he chose to walk away from a very promising sporting and professional career.


 Soon after answering the call to the pastorate, the wisdom and revelatory understanding of the mystery of Christ was manifested and he was ordained to the Apostleship in 2015. 


Apostle Kareem is a true servant who has given himself completely over to the work of the Lord. He ministers extensively in Jamaica, the Caribbean and several states in the US and he is just as comfortable ministering in the inner cities of Trench Town as he is in Nassau and Atlanta. 


Kareem has a real burden for souls and gives his life for people. His only desire is for souls to be delivered from the captivity and bondage of sin and for Christ to be formed in them. Through his ministry, many souls have been set free, have come into an understanding of purpose and have been developed in their ministry. 


Not only is Kareem a gifted teacher of the word, but the Lord has gifted him with many talents such as dance, graphic design and television production which he uses for ministry. His ministry touches the lives of countless youth and adults internationally through his daily devotional series "Sunrise with Jesus" on Facebook live and his dance ministry "JMoves.” 


With all that God has been using him to do, Kareem's favourite title and ministry is “ Servant of all” - a name His beloved Lord affectionately called him. He wants no other reward but at the end of his days to see Him smile.


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